osnachOsnach Osnach Oksana Vasiliivna
Born in 1965, Kherson.
In 2009 finished Kherson State university with Fine Art as the major. Professors: Chupryna V.H., Krugla N.L.
Since 2012 — a member of Ukrainian National Artist Community
For 6 years worked as a professor at Kherson State University (‘Drawing’, ‘Painting’). At the moment — teacher at her own ART STUDIO.

Combines teaching activity with the artistic one. Took part in Ukrainian, regional and international exhibitions:

  • 2012. ‘Mosaics of Days’, Kherson’ solo painting exhibition;
  • 2013. ‘Two Journeys’ solo painting exhibition, Kherson;
  • 2015. ‘Poetry of Reality’ solo painting exhibition, Kherson
  • 2017. ‘Moment of Light’ solo painting exhibition, Mykilaiv;
  • 2018. ‘Waves of Dreams’ solo painting exhibition, Kherson
  • 2012. ‘Memorial to Kuindzhi’ All-Ukrainian Art exhibition, Mariupol;
  • 2012. ‘Ukraine and Sport’ Art exhibition dedicated to Euro-2012, Kyiv;
  • Ukrainian Christmas Art exhibitions 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018;
  • 2013. ‘Painting-2013′ V Ukrainian Trienale, Kyiv;
  • 2014. Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to 200th anniversary of T.H.Shevtchenko, Kyiv;
  • 2013. International exhibition-contest in Italy, I degree winner;
  • 2013. International exhibition-contest of Modern Art, Saint Petersburg, 3rd place diploma;
  • ‘Picturesque Ukraine’ All-Ukrainian Art exhibitions, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018;
  • All-Ukrainian Art exhibitions devoted to Independence Day of Ukraine; 2011, 2014, 2016, 2018;
  • All-Ukrainian Art exhibitions devoted to Artists Day, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2018;
  • 2016. ‘ART-ACT’ All-Ukrainian Trienale of abstract art, Chernivtsi
  • 2017. II All-Ukrainian exhibition of Abstract Art, Kyiv;
  • 2017. ‘Ukraine from Trypillia to Nowadays in Works of Contemporary Artists’ VIII All-Ukrainian Bienale of historical genre, Kyiv;
  • 2018. ‘New Nudity’ Art Project, Odessa;
  • 2018. ART-NOVA Art All-Ukrainian Trienale, Kremenchuk

Active participant of plainairs, which take place in Kherson:

  • 2013. International plainair, Yaroslav, Poland;
  • 2016. ‘Kinburn Spit’ plainair, Mykilaiv region;
  • 2017. Zakarpattia plainair, Ivano- Frankivsk region, Yasinia;
  • 2018. Plainair at Kamianska Sich, Respublikanets, Kherson region

During the last 8 years there were positive reviews in Kherson press, shows on regional TV channels such as VTV, Skifia, Kharkiv Informburo.

In 2005 awarded ‘Best Artist of the Year’ by Kherson Regional Organisation NUAU.

Her works are found in Kherson Art museum of A.Shovkunenko and in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands. Her art works were also sold at the charity auctions.

Artistic credo:

Inspired by simple, ordinary things.
Adore the dynamics of cooperation between warm and cold.
Seeking the light both in artworks and myself.